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Orthodontic Consultation Specialist

Walter C. Buchsieb II, DDS -  - Orthodontics

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Walter C. Buchsieb II, DDS

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Did you know?. . . An orthodontist is a dentist, but a general dentist is rarely an orthodontist. Both orthodontists and general dentists complete four years of dental school, after their bachelor’s degrees, and both are doctors of dentistry.  However, to practice with the title of orthodontist, a dentist must complete advanced dental education requirements in orthodontics to practice their craft. After dental school, a general dentist develops their skills during an additional 36-month residency focused on specialized orthodontic training and must pass a certification exam to officially become a practicing orthodontist. Only a dentist with this orthodontic training, education, and credentials can be licensed to practice as an orthodontist.


Dr. Buchsieb is an Orthodontic Specialist, trained and licensed to practice as an Orthodontist.

Additionally, Dr. Buchsieb is an  Invisalign® Certified Specialist.


Orthodontic Consultation Q & A

What is an orthodontic consultation?

Your orthodontic consultation is your opportunity to ask questions, discuss your concerns, and explore the available orthodontic treatments, such as innovative Invisalign® aligners that can straighten your teeth.
At Smile With Style Orthodontics in Gahanna, and Mansfield, Ohio, orthodontist Dr. Walter C. Buchsieb II has ample experience providing advanced orthodontic treatments and services to improve dental health and aesthetics. Straighten your teeth with the help of a compassionate provider. Call Smile With Style Orthodontics or schedule an appointment through the online system.

Your orthodontic consultation is an important part of your preventive and general dental care, and it usually involves two parts.

Upon arrival, a clinician will take x-rays. Then, Dr. Buchsieb will evaluate the information to obtain a clear picture of your overall dental health. He assesses your teeth, facial shape, bite, and gums.

For the second part of your orthodontic consultation, Dr. Buchsieb listens to and addresses your concerns and answers your questions. He explains possible orthodontic treatments in detail and devises a personalized treatment plan to enhance your dental health and resolve your orthodontic concerns.

At your orthodontic consultation, Dr. Buchsieb might discuss:

  • Straightening or realigning crooked teeth
  • Fixing a misaligned bite
  • Realigning teeth to fill in gaps between them
  • Aligning you or your child’s jaws correctly

An orthodontic consultation usually takes around 30 minutes to one hour.

Dr. Buchsieb can fit you or your child’s braces at a follow-up appointment. Different types of braces are fitted in different ways. For example, metal braces involve small metal brackets that he carefully glues to your teeth and connects with a thin wire.

Dr. Buchsieb gives you plenty of information and instruction on how to care for your teeth and your braces and how to get the most out of your orthodontic treatment. He can also recommend any necessary dental hygiene products.

Why would I need an orthodontic consultation?

You might need an orthodontic consultation if you’re unhappy with crooked teeth or if you or your child has an improper bite that’s getting in the way of chewing or eating and negatively impacting daily life.

If you have concerns or questions about your dental health and the structure and alignment of your jaws, teeth, and bite, you should visit Smile With Style Orthodontics as soon as you can for an evaluation and possible treatment.

Dr. Buchsieb works hard to make the orthodontic experience as comfortable and efficient as possible.

If you or your child need an orthodontic consultation, call Smile With Style Orthodontics or schedule your visit online today.