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Modern digital technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and bringing more comfort, efficiency, and impressive outcomes to the dental and orthodontic fields. At Smile With Style Orthodontics in Gahanna, and Mansfield, Ohio, orthodontist Dr. Walter C. Buchsieb II utilizes the latest state-of-the-art tools, digital technology, and equipment to give men, women, and children exceptional orthodontic care. Dr. Buchsieb stays up to date with the ever-revolving door of dental innovation. For individualized care to protect your oral health, call Smile With Style Orthodontics or simply click to book online.

Digital Technology Q & A

What is digital dentistry?

The world of dentistry and orthodontics has experienced impressive innovations in technology, tools, and equipment. These advancements have brought an array of advantages, such as improved outcomes, less downtime, and more comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Digital dentistry refers to the use of digital technology in dental care and treatment, such as an in-office 3D scanner and digital X-rays. Computer-aided designs are being effectively utilized across a broad range of medical fields, including orthodontics and dentistry. For example, in many cases, computer previews of your digital images can be generated to give you an idea of how a certain dental treatment might turn out. This gives you a better idea of the outcome you can expect from your orthodontic treatment.

What digital technology is used in orthodontics?

Smile With Style Orthodontics utilizes only the most advanced technology, such as 3D imaging and in-office digital X-rays that reduce the need for impressions that can sometimes be uncomfortable and tedious or make patients gag.

With orthodontics, for example, advanced computer technology assists Dr. Buchsieb in mapping out specific movements of your teeth, so he can devise a personalized treatment plan to straighten and align crooked teeth. Digital technology allows for even more customized orthodontic treatments.

What are the benefits of digital technology in orthodontics?

Digital technology brings myriad benefits to orthodontic care, such as improved:

  • Efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Affordability 

Intraoral cameras now allow Dr. Buchsieb to look inside your mouth using a special dental mirror with a camera on it. He can clearly see images taken by the camera on a screen outside of your mouth to minimize any discomfort and make the process more comfortable for you.

Modern digital X-rays offer clearer pictures with reduced radiation exposure for your safety and comfort.

Dental lasers are used to simplify procedures, and they are very precise and cause less bleeding and trauma to the surrounding areas. Dental lasers can replace certain surgical and dental tools for less downtime and better results.

Smile With Style Orthodontics combines experienced and compassionate dental professionals with groundbreaking digital technology and dental innovations. If you’re curious about digital dentistry and how digital technology has truly revolutionized orthodontic care, call the office or click to schedule here via the web.